What’s New

This section will contain information on any regular updates (minus new blog posts) and new sections that are added to my site. Check here from time to time as new material that I’ve added might not be obvious.

Began work on revising “The Basics” section. Currently, I’m writing an introductory series on the monetary system and using it as the template. Excuse the mess.

13.12.2016: Added “Bank Lending – A Short Primer” to The Basics section

15.07.2017: Added “Key Points” to The Basics section. Reworked menu and moved “IS-LM: An Explanation” to the resources section and added a “Video” section which currently contains a selection of my appearances on Real Progressives, as well as Bill Mitchell’s and Steven Hail’s. Will be adding videos of Fadhel Kaboub, Joe Firestone, Warren Mosler, Randall Wray, Pavlina Tcherneva and others today and throughout the week.