The “Bite-Sized” Explanation of The Phillips Curve and the Job Guarantee

The Phillips Curve: The private sector is nearing actual full employment. Wage price pressures are threatening an inflationary episode. The national government manipulates its fiscal or monetary policy, reducing aggregate demand and thus, reducing inflationary pressures, throwing workers into a state of involuntary unemployment. The Job Guarantee: The private sector is nearing actual full employment.[…]

“Bite-sized” Macroeconomics Sunday – Unemployment

Today is “Bite-sized” Macroeconomics Sunday, where instead of long articles, I will discuss concepts using easily digested, bite-sized posts. Continuing with unemployment… Jobs are not magically created out of thin air by business. Business needs a good, financial reason to increase payroll. We live in a modern monetary economy, where “money” (US Dollars, British Pounds,[…]

Republican Mayor Introduces a Job Guarantee. One Year Later Sees Success – No Surprise There

As many of you know, I’m a strong proponent for the initiation of a federal Job Guarantee and speak of the initiative frequently on social media, particularly Twitter where I have held live discussions on the topic. The Hunter Keane Institute, for which I will now be writing policy notes, papers and doing research, was[…]

Jobs Report July 2016 – The Media Paints Terrible News as “Great News” for the Economy

I warned ahead in my article, “Report on the State of the US Economy, August 2016, for Members of the General Public With No Background in Macroeconomics” on August 2nd that the US economy was in the toilet, swirling towards recession and that you should not view Wall Street as the economy. Hopefully you listened,[…]

Required Reading Material

Many of you who know me are aware of my admiration for Michal Kalecki. For those of you unfamiliar with him and his work, I’d like to share with you Kalecki’s “Political Aspects of Full Employment”. For those of you who are familiar, do enjoy! Political Aspects of Full Employment