Understanding the Central Concern of Macroeconomics and “Money” Versus Real Resources

Corn. An amusing word if you say it a few times. Food. Another word that can be amusing too if said repetitively. “Food” is a generalised description of the things that humans eat to stay alive. The word “corn” simply narrows food down. It is a more precise description of one of those things we[…]

Public Purpose Spending is Not Socialism – It’s the Job of the Federal Government

There is an immense problem with the term “socialism”, especially in the United States, where the word is abused endlessly by right-wing politicians, “free market” enthusiasts and now, even liberals have joined the red-baiting bandwagon, labeling former Sanders supporters, many of whom are now Stein supporters as “socialists” and any proposed economic initiatives as “socialism”.[…]

Republican Mayor Introduces a Job Guarantee. One Year Later Sees Success – No Surprise There

As many of you know, I’m a strong proponent for the initiation of a federal Job Guarantee and speak of the initiative frequently on social media, particularly Twitter where I have held live discussions on the topic. The Hunter Keane Institute, for which I will now be writing policy notes, papers and doing research, was[…]

Brief Notes for Tuesday Morning, 19.07.2016

First, on my list is this persistent “wasted vote” nonsense spewing from Hillary supporters. “A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Trump!” Irretrievable nonsense. Neoliberals within the Un-Democratic Party will say anything, childishly “bullying” progressives into supporting that vile, neoliberal, economic illiterate Hillary Clinton. So, let’s be clear: 1. a vote for Jill[…]

Today’s Reply to George Kendall on Monetary Mechanics in the UK

I’ve tried repetitively to post my reply to Mr. Kendall, but Facebook seems to be having issues with posting in the group. Therefore, for that reason and to further a learning opportunity for the general public, here is my reply to George Kendall. KENDALL: “The following is a response to these two statements: ‘no need[…]

One of My Replies to George Kendall on UK Budget Deficits

George Kendall, Andy Blatchford, Peter Martin and I have been having a pleasant, albeit a bit frustrating discussion. Frustrating because the now defunct Bretton-Woods system always manages to obstruct progress towards an understanding of macroeconomic reality. This morning, George replied to Peter and myself, demonstrating that the Bretton-Woods obstruction is still very much alive and[…]