Professor Bill Mitchell to Speak On the 25th of September in Brighton

The growth of the Labour Party movement and the popularity of Corbyn are a response to social problems which can be traced back either directly or indirectly to the economic ideology that has defined the last four decades: Neoliberalism. Faced with issues of inequality, democracy, war and humanity’s environmental demise, never has activism been so[…]

It’s Always a Good Time to ‘Blow Up’ the Deficit; Just Not How The Republican Party ‘Blows Up’ The Deficit

Since we had some technical difficulties last night – apparently, the Russians hacked us – we didn’t have time to address one of the main points to understanding deficit spending: You need a target for it to be immediately effective. So, let us address this topic presently. We recall from last night’s discussion on Real[…]

Blame Neoliberalism, Not Each Other

What’s worse than listening to mindless deficit terrorism? Listening to people celebrate deficit reduction. Everyday people without any background in macroeconomics; who have no idea that there are three sectors in the economy and that federal spending depends quite a bit on what the external sector is doing; who have no knowledge of what monetary[…]