On the Ridiculous Notion that the Federal Reserve is a Private Bank and Concerning Those Persons Who Peddle the Nonsense – My Final Words on the Subject

Let’s talk. I’m going to be brusk. In other words, I’m going to be blunt, harsh, and brutally honest. I have to be. God would agree! There is no other way. There is not a thing wrong with a person if they lack an education. It is simply nothing to be ashamed of, for that[…]

On the Reason Why a Job Guarantee is Rejected in Favor of a Standalone Basic Income Guarantee

Today, I’m going to discuss what a currency peg is, which will prepare you to understand my discussion on the Job Guarantee, the reason why a standalone basic income guarantee is all the rage as “the” solution, and why the Job Guarantee is dismissed by politicians around the world. Much of what I discuss with[…]