An Appeal to Antiquity to Illustrate a Point Regarding Universal Health Care, Federal Spending and the U.S. Constitution

At Rome, 114 A.D. I went down to Trajan’s market to see if it were possible to obtain two plump chickens and a few ripe figs for a dinner party that I was giving to celebrate with my friend, Septimius, the occasion of the birth of his fourth child. I found, to my surprise, Pallidus[…]

Let’s Revive Plato! (Well, sort of)

Let us say that some miners have discovered a new silver vein, and the emperor Augustus issues more coins. The coin is called a denarius and denarii contain a certain amount of silver. “Ok.” Firstly, what is a denarius? “It’s Roman money.” Ok. Fine. Now then, let us say that Augustus stamps a new denarius,[…]