All SNAP/Food Stamp Recipients Are Employed

You will hear U.S. conservatives describe the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, as a “handout”. One hears the same from conservatives in other nations regarding various forms of welfare. Before I get into the subject of today’s discussion, let’s have a brief look at the history of food stamps in[…]

Why Paying Off the National Debt Will Result in an Economic Downturn

Seven times in US history, the US government has run a budget surplus and tried to either pay down or eliminate the US national debt. All seven attempts resulted in an economic downturn shortly thereafter. Let’s look at the data. 1.) 1817-1821: 29% of national debt eliminated. Depression occurred in 1819. 2.) 1823-1836: 100% of[…]

A Brief Note on the Problem with Progressives and the Democratic Socialists of America

Give me lefty progressives who are willing to understand how the monetary system works, have muscle and who aren’t afraid to use it to bring liberal elite pussies to heel in the political arena and we will move the Earth. Rather than debate with and try to convince liberal elites to drop their deficit terrorism[…]

Introductory Series: The Monetary System – US Currency Part 3

Morning everyone. We will continue where we left off with a look at budget deficits, surpluses and the national debt. Previously, we’ve discussed US Dollars, what they are, where they come from, how they enter and leave the US economy, and US paper currency. In case you’ve been linked to this particular article, here is[…]

Introductory Series: The Monetary System – US Currency Part 1

Morning everyone. This is the first in an introductory series of discussions concerning the monetary system. The purpose of this series is two-fold: Firstly, for those students considering economics as a major, the series will give you a solid understanding of the basics from which macroeconomic reality flows. In other words, from the get go,[…]

Fix the Debt – One Group’s Efforts to Cause an Economic Depression

Derp: (noun): Foolishness or stupidity. In the profession of economics, there’s a lot of derp. I mean, a lot of it. In fact, when it comes to economics, derp is everywhere. On TV, derp is there: from Fox Derp, Bloomderp, CNBDerp and Derp Dynasty, to MNSBDerp and Derp Maddow. Newspapers too, like The New York[…]