A Short Note on the Spinelessness of Left Leadership

Don’t you just “love” the logic of socialist organisations?

In the DSA’s Vol. XLIV, No. 2, Fall 2016 article, “Labor, the Left and the After-Bern”, Bob Master opines:

“I am 100% clear that the main task for labor and the left between now and November 8 is to defeat Donald Trump, who is the most dangerous figure in mainstream American politics since George Wallace.”

In other words, Bob Master is telling you that he is 100% clear that the main task for labor and the left is to give up hope for another four years, and to persistently give up hope every four years thereafter, until someone else has the guts to do what labor and the left should be doing themselves. Then, naturally, labor and the left will safely ride the coat tails of whomever had the guts to fight the democratic establishment.

So, if that is the left’s “big” political strategy, then the left needs to take its fist out of the damn air, put it in its pocket and go sulk in a darkened bedroom somewhere. The people simply do not have time for that brand of “courage”. It is cowardice.