Brief Note: The State is Not Inherently Socialist

A quick addendum to clarify terms. The state is not inherently socialist by any stretch of the meaning of the word. Just because it chooses to regulate the economy which it set in motion, does not imply that socialism is going on. If you want a situation of socialism involving the state, then the state must seize control over the means of production.

The last time that I checked, whilst Social Security, the EPA, FDA, FCC, USDA and various other government agencies were busy regulating private activities, GE still operated the means to produce lightbulbs, Sprint still operated the means to produce cell phone service, Apple still operated the means to produce iPhones, iMacs and iPads and Shell was still drilling for oil.
Universal healthcare, free university education, a Job Guarantee, a basic income guarantee, high speed rail and a modernized infrastructure will not change this reality – it will NOT result in the US government seizing control over the production of light bulbs, cell service, cell phones, computers and oil.

These claims made by conservatives, libertarians and liberals, in person, in books, newspapers, blogs and on TV of government programmes and regulation being socialist, are complete, utter and total nonsense.

There is no slippery slope to socialism going on either. However, there is a slippery slope to oligarchy going on.