Brief Notes for Tuesday Morning, 19.07.2016

First, on my list is this persistent “wasted vote” nonsense spewing from Hillary supporters.

“A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Trump!”

Irretrievable nonsense. Neoliberals within the Un-Democratic Party will say anything, childishly “bullying” progressives into supporting that vile, neoliberal, economic illiterate Hillary Clinton.

So, let’s be clear:

1. a vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Jill Stein
2. a vote for Trump is a vote for Trump, and
3. a vote for Hillary is a vote for Hillary

Nothing more elegant than that. Applying any alternative meaning is nothing less than an attempt to bully people into foregoing their right to choose. If I vote for Jill Stein and Trump wins, my candidate lost, but I did not vote for Trump. Not my fault. Blame Trump voters. If I vote for Trump and Hillary wins, my candidate lost, but I did not vote for Hillary. Not my fault. Blame Clinton voters. If I vote for Jill Stein and she does win, feel free to blame me for your neoliberal candidate’s loss.

The only wasted vote is a vote for a candidate whom you do not support. Thus, it is quite clear that progressives who rightly despise Hillary, but vote for her just to avoid Trump, are wasting their votes and delaying progress as well. It is their right to vote for whomever they choose. If a vote for Stein causes Trump to win, then so be it. If he goes mad and sends America spiraling into fascist turmoil as some speculate that he will do, then the end of neoliberalism and the modern GOP will come that much sooner. What is beyond speculation, however, is that a vote for Hillary is a vote for unemployment, recession and moving more GDP to the 1%.

Hillary Clinton has nothing to offer actual progressives (nor anyone outside of the 1% in the United States for that matter) who are seeking an economic narrative for the US based on macroeconomic reality. If both you and Clinton have to stoop to childish attempts at “bullying” to win over progressives, then that is Hillary’s inadequacy and yours as well.

Next up: The UK.

Daily Mail Headline: “Labour in meltdown over ‘horrific’ surge in support for Corbyn”

99% accurate. Change the first word in the headline to “Neoliberals” and then it is 100% accurate. Labour is not in a meltdown. “Blairites”, who usurped control of the party for the benefit of the 1% and middle class liberal elitists are in a meltdown over a surge in support for Corbyn. Why is that “horrific”? Because it implies, in no uncertain terms, that firstly, the Labour Party might actually represent labour and secondly, that there is more to the UK than just the city of London. The days of the “Latte Party” masquerading as the Labour Party are nearing an end.
So, yes, to neoliberals, such a thing is quite horrific.

In the UK, just a year and a half ago, Dave Cameron and George Osborne were immovable obstacles. Labour was a lost cause. In the US, the average American, inundated by political nonsense spewing from the media, thought progress to be impossible. Today, Dave and Georgie are gone and Corbyn leads Labour with strong support. In the US, Trump is causing havoc within the GOP. Hillary Clinton along with the neoliberal Democratic Party establishment has all but lost progressive support. The Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton backfired with many of his supporters now turning to Jill Stein and the Green Party. In short, progress is being made. Sure, it seems like utter chaos. Did you expect neoliberalism to just lie down and die? It knows that its time is short and it will fight, kick and scream all the way to the finish.

Hey, nobody said progress would be pretty.